Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we were asked when the Introductory Video was released. Feel free to ask your question if it isn’t covered here and we’ll add it to the list.

How much is it?
The Leader Purchase is $99 (access to videos to view and download, sample of the worksheets, audio scripts, and Leader letter. It is a one-time purchase for a congregation or Leader. The Couple purchase is $29. If you need a USB drive with the videos, it may be purchased at cost ($11 includes shipping) as an addition to either package. 

How do we access the materials?
You can order the resource here for the Leader package, and here for the Couple package. When you register and pay for the resource, you will receive an email with a weblink and password to a page where you will find the videos and print resources. If you order the USB (sold separately) you will receive it in the mail.

If we purchase the Leader Permanent Package, do the couples we marry need to purchase the resource?
Yes. We know that paying for a resource increases investment. Couples will have permanent access to the Couple Page with the videos and worksheets. The couple cost is only $29.

If we purchase the Leader Permanent Package, can we use it in other workshops or with couples who are already married but this might be helpful to them?
Yes. You can show a video on the pastoral charge or use one in a workshop or pastoral counselling session. We hope you would encourage couples to purchase the whole series. The Leader Package will eventually have additional info and updates particular to Leaders.

Can a Pastoral Charge loan out the USB to couples or give them the weblink and password?
We ask that purchasers respect the guidelines for us set out by the creators of this resource. There are ongoing costs related to managing, updating and promoting the resource and associated services.

Also, our experience is that when participants pay a nominal fee for resources their commitment to engaging and completing the sessions is greater.

We trust congregations and leaders will make fair decisions around encouraging couple to buy the resource and access to the Couple’s Page.

Do you address conflict? Yes. More Than Friends includes 5 modules (at present).

  1. Marriage is Daily. It is small daily practices that make a marriage that lasts.
  2. Communications & Family of Origin – Learning skills for healthy arguments and how Families of Origins influence how we communicate and more!
  3. Sexuality. Sexuality is a gift, a dilemma sometimes, and binds a couple together.
  4. Money. Money shows what you believe and what you value. It is hard to talk about and can be a major stress in a marriage.
  5. Spirituality. Spirituality is “God” and not just God; taking care of each other’s spirit and the well-being of your marriage.

Do you address the philosophy of having children? Or Blended families? Or discuss illness, aging and death? Or Issues specific to LGBT couples? Or Marriages later in life?
Some of these issues will be addressed in the Couple Worksheets. And we have applied for funding to create additional modules on some of these specific topics.

As a leader, how involved do I need to be? 
The resource is meant to be flexible. You can meet face-to-face for 5-6 sessions and use the videos as content for conversations. Or couples can work through the videos and meet with you once. Or you can pick and choose which videos to use. Or the couples might watch the videos and do their worksheets and meet with you by Skype. And it is designed for lay or clergy leaders.

If a minister buys the resource, can they take it with them when they leave the pastoral charge. Yes.

I have a wedding in August. Will this be ready?
We hope to launch by August 1!

Other Questions?

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