We are looking for your stories. 

We want to publish a series of blog posts in February and March about the More Than Friends Marriage Preparation video series.

We are offering Leaders or Couples $50 for a blog post for the website.

Here are the guidelines.

We are looking for short posts of 100-250 words. In your blog post you might:

  1. Tell a story about what you expected before engaging the videos and how that turned out.
  2. Share a particular segment from the series that was particularly helpful or made a difference.
  3. Tell us about any creative ways you as a Leader are using the resource.
  4. Write about why offering Marriage Preparation series to couples is important to you.
  5. Choose a story to share with other couples or leaders you think will be helpful, fun or supportive.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Your blog posts may be edited. We need short posts of no more than 250 words.
  • Your posts will be published on the More Than Friends website and the link shared on social media.
  • You are welcome to send a picture that accompanies your blog post or one will be chosen to accompany your article.
  • Please indicate your topic and you will receive confirmation and be given a date for submission.
  • Your blog can be posted anonymously if you choose (though you must be identified to the Project Coordinator.) Or we need a brief two sentence bio.

When we receive your article you will be paid $50 by bank transfer or cheque.

Please contact the Project Coordinator, Janice MacLean at EMAIL.

We are accepting up to six blogs.

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