Currently marriage preparation programs reflect hetero-normativity. Often they assume that couples and the person(s) officiating at a marriage can meet face-to-face regularly. They often assume first marriage.

More Than Friends celebrates diversity even as it seeks to prepare couples for some of the commonalities of the blessings and challenges of long term coupling. It is a resource that can be used online or in face-to-face gatherings, with individuals or groups, and can easily be guided by clergy or lay leaders, or even self-guided. It can be adapted for use for a single day event or over a series of weeks or months.

More Than Friends Goals

  • To help couples define what is and will make a “meaning-full” life together.
  • To assist them in learning practices that enhance and deepen their relationship with each other.
  • To compel couples to do some relational work and thinking around the two “thorny” areas of married life – 1) money management and 2) Sexuality.
  • To help couples deepen their understanding of spirituality within marriage.


  • Couples are the experts on their own relationship.
  • Marriage classes are a response by the church of taking the covenant of marriage seriously – classes are meant to be supportive and an investment in a healthy marriage.
  • The sexual orientation and sexual identity of couples is naturally diverse and this diversity is accepted as a blessing from God.


More Than Friends includes 7 modules.

  1. Marriage is Daily. It is small daily practices that make a marriage that lasts.
  2. Communications & Family of Origin – Learning skills for healthy arguments and how Families of Origins influence how we communicate and more!
  3. Sexuality. Sexuality is a gift, a dilemma sometimes, and binds a couple together.
  4. Money & Meaning. Money shows what you believe and what you value. It is hard to talk about and can be a major stress in a marriage.
  5. Spirituality. Spirituality is “God” and not just God; taking care of each other’s spirit and the well-being of your marriage.
  6. Later in Life Marriage & Blended Families.  Heather Hemming and Ross Bartlett speak of their own experience and offer thoughtful and practical guidance.
  7. Hosts Linda Yates and Neil McEwen return to host a video on Same Gender Marriage. Neil speaks from the experience of his wedding and marriage and Linda as a mother of a same gendered son. Both have presided at same gender weddings.
  • Participants will have access to seven videos.
  • New! The Leader’s Package now includes five gift certificates for couples. You or your community of faith can give the gift of marriage preparation to your couples.
  • Written materials, including a Leaders Manual and Participant Worksheets will be provided in PDF downloadable formats.

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