Give a Gift Card

Know someone recently married or getting married soon?

Give a gift that goes beyond a Wedding Day. 

This is a MARRIAGE PREPARATION  VIDEO RESOURCE a couple can do on their own, before or after their Wedding Day. 

This resource offers seven downloadable videos and couple worksheets:

  • Marriage is Daily.
  • Communication & Family of Origin
  • Sexuality
  • Money & Meaning
  • Spirituality
  • Later in Life Marriages & Blended Families
  • Same Gender Marriages

The Couple Package is $29.

Click on the Gift Card to Order & Personalize Your Gift Card. 

MTF gift certificate

You have four payment options: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Once the order is complete, the couple receives by email a personalized Gift Card

Questions? Email here.   Ready to personalize a gift card?  Order it here.